Be prepared for Corona's third wave: 1 million deaths expected by August, second wave peaks likely by May 20

 India has seen a resurgence in new corona cases and deaths after a two-day hiatus. On Wednesday, the highest death toll in the country was 200 in a single day. With this, the total death toll has crossed 4.5 lakh. Corona's case also escalated two days later. In the last three hours, 2.5 lakh new cases of corona have been reported. With this, the total number of cases has gone up to more than 2.04 crore. As a result of the steady increase in corona cases in the country, the total number of active cases has gone up to 4.5 lakh and more than one lakh active cases have been reported in 17 states. Himachal Pradesh has announced a 10-day lockdown from May 9 following the rising number of corona cases.      




According to the health ministry, there were 2,60 deaths from corona in the country on Wednesday, with Maharashtra having the highest number at 21, Uttar Pradesh at 41 and Delhi at eight. In addition, there are more than one lakh active cases in 12 states, including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh. At present, the total number of active cases in the country has crossed 4.5 lakh, which is 12.5 per cent of the total cases.      



  A total of 12 million corona patients have been cured in the country so far. The national covid recovery rate was 4.08 per cent while the mortality rate fell further to 1.08 per cent. As many as 4.5 lakh cases of corona were reported in the country on Wednesday, of which 20.81 per cent were reported in 10 states, including Maharashtra, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. In 10 states, the positivity rate is more than 3%. India has given more than 150 million doses of vaccine in more than 2.5 lakh sessions in 104 days of vaccination campaign. It took 111 days for Britain and 113 days for China to be vaccinated.    


The government, meanwhile, warned on Wednesday that a third wave of corona epidemics in the country could not be avoided in the near future. Citizens have to be prepared for it. However, nothing can be said about his time right now. Corona virus is still feared to be rampant in India. "We have to be ready for the third wave," said Vijay Raghav, chief scientific adviser to the central government. Corona's second wave was not expected to be so terrifying and long.       


   He added that the virus is circulating more in the country. So the third wave will come, but it is not decided when. The strains of the virus are spreading just like the first strain. Yet newer variants of the Corona will come to the country and the world. At the end of a wave, precautions are taken to reduce the spread of the virus. The number of corona cases and deaths in the country is on the rise. The US-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) estimates that more than one million deaths could be caused by corona in India by August 1 if drastic measures are not taken. Earlier, the agency had predicted a death toll of 2.50 lakh. In addition, the death toll in severe cases could cross 1.4 million. These estimates are based on data between April 6 and 20. The death toll from the corona rose by 3% during this period.   


 The IHME estimates that the peak of the second wave of corona will arrive by May 30, with more than 15,000 deaths expected daily from the corona. The institute had earlier projected the 18th menu for the peak. The organization said that without taking concrete steps to strengthen the health system in India, adherence to social distance and effective use of face masks, India's situation is looking very bad.    


Case  In India, the death toll could fall to an estimated 2,000 by August 1 if the 5% of people strictly follow the rule of wearing a mask. The IHME said it has made estimates based on what is most likely to happen. The pace of vaccination in India has remained the same and the model is based on how the government enforces the rules of social distance. Meanwhile, as the Corona case is on the rise, Himachal Pradesh has announced a 10-day lockdown from May 9. 


The lockdown will last till May 15.    More than 3 lakh new cases daily in the country for 14 days  India accounts for every second patient and 4% of deaths in corona cases worldwide  The pace of vaccination in the country has slowed down, with many states not even vaccinating people over the age of 18  Corona  Corona's graph is going down all over the world, but the care of the second wave in India is growing rapidly. As a result, every second case of corona reported in the world in the last one week has been seen in India.   


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 The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday that India accounted for 80 per cent of the world's new corona cases in the past one week. In addition, in the last one week, 2% of the total deaths due to corona in the world have occurred in India. According to the Ministry of Health, more than three lakh new cases are being registered daily in India for the last 15 days.    


The new wave of corona in India is also raising concerns because, on the one hand, corona cases are on the rise. On the other hand, there is a delay in the vaccination campaign. I

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