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Different Kinds Of Communication Verbal Communication The basic way of communication is verbal communication that includes oral and written communication. While oral communication refers to spoken words, written communication involves emails and snail mails. Oral communication may include face to face conversations or communication over the phone or voice chat over the internet. Oral communication is greatly influenced by the pitch, modulation, speed, and clarity of speaking that also reflects the mood and attitude of the communicator. Non Verbal Communication Non verbal communication is another type of communication that includes body posture, facial expression, body language, and sign language. Different gestures like a smile, a nod, a hug also play important roles in non verbal communication. Non verbal communication also includes other forms of communication including sign language, sketches, paintings, photographs and signboards. Other Types Of Communication Formal Communication Formal communication is guided by a set of rules. All types of business, corporate, and workplace communications are formal communication. The communication is official and no personal feelings or emotions should be reflected in this type of communication. Communication between two strangers should also be formal. In a nutshell, formal communication is always official, precise, and maintains an austere and reserved tone. Informal Communication Informal communication is just the opposite of formal communication. It involves a friendly tone and is usually unrestrained. Chitchatting with office co - workers, friends, neighbors, or individuals involving a casual rapport are included under informal communication. Different Styles Of Communication Assertive Communication Assertive communication is the most healthy and positive way of communication. This is the natural way of expressing inner thoughts. Self esteem plays a big role in assertive communication that gives the communicator the confidence to communicate naturally without manipulating anything. However, assertive communication is not used much in real life communication. Passive Communication This type of communication is largely based on compliance so as to avoid any sort of confrontation with the other person. A passive communicator talks less, questions even less, and does very little. Aggressive Communication Aggressive communication always involves a great deal of manipulative techniques to make people do whatever you want. Different tactics used in aggressive communication include guilt, intimidation, and anger. Get the Android Version from the Play Store Get the iOS Version from the AppStore

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