Another incident in Gujarat was in Rajkot after Mansa

The cut-off incident has now reached Rajkot. 17-year-old Patidar Tarun, who was born in Ambedkar town of the city, was found to have been stripped of his head's hair. After which all the people of the family who were crying to the teenager gathered together. His family, including the teenager, was speechless in this incident. And the whole matter was reported to the Malviya town police.
Rajubhai, brother of the victim who gave details of this strange incident, said that when his sister woke up in the morning, someone had lost his hair full of hair. Although the sister was sleeping in the room, along with her younger sister and niece, she did not even know what happened. It is noteworthy that such an incident happened in Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh earlier. But in the quiet city of Rajkot, the police were also alarmed about such an incident. Police have started questioning at present taking preliminary complaints.

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