Sunday, 13 August 2017

Blue-whale gamme took another child's life: p. Bengal incident

10th grade student Ankhan committed suicide in the bathroom

- Twenty-two-year-old children suffer from blue-whale games

Calcutta, Ta 13 August 2017, Sunday
In West Bengal, the death of a child by playing a blue whale seems to have become synonymous with death in this game. This game is quickly making children in their control. On Saturday, one more child has become a victim of this. Ankana, a 10th standard student in Midnapore district of West Bengal, committed suicide after going to the bathroom.
On Friday, the school system in Dehradun saved five children from the task found in the game. According to the received information, in both cases the children played blue-whale game. In which it was challenged to damage itself.
Akankan's father Gopinath said that on Saturday he came home from the school and started playing the game on the computer. When his mother called him for a meal, he said that he did not eat anything before and then he went to the bathroom. Anacon did not go out of the bathroom for a long time, so his parents broke the door. If the door went inside like a tear, his son had died due to his hobbies.
Anken was immediately taken to a hospital but died before he was treated. Anken's friends said that he was playing a blue whale game. Now the police has conducted an investigation. The Blue Whale Game has so far taken the lives of 250 students. In some countries this game has been banned.
Earlier on August 1, 14-year-old Manpreet Singh jumped to death from Mumbai's 7th floor. He also jumped from his apartment to complete the last campus of bluepheel. Manpreet told his friends that he would not go to school on Monday because he would play in Bluehalgham. Manpreet's parents said that there was no symptoms of depression in her.

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