Chat and Video Shares with Friends Now You Can Do on Youtube

YouTube has launched a new feature in its mobile app, in which users can share video in tabs that look like Instagram's chat interface between their friends and family. With this, there will also be an option for private chat, which allows users to chat. YouTube started beta testing of this feature between users last year.
This feature was launched for Canadian users at the beginning of the year, and now this feature is rolling out to every user. However, this feature is only for smartphone users. Using this chat feature, users will be able to invoke other users to use this feature. This feature will also be group chat with 30 participants.
Text, emoji, video link and clip can also be shared in this chat tab. You can discuss this by sharing videos with features in this chat. However, the link to the YouTube Tube link can be shared in any instant messaging app. But it seems that the company wants to limit this sharing to its own app.

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