Did you see a new currency note of 50 rupees, viral, did you see?

So far, you may have seen a $ 200 worth of new currency in a new currency, but now a 50-rupee photo is being retained on social media. In this photo, a new note worth 50 rupees is seen. 50's look appears to be completely changed, its color is firozi color.
First of all, let's tell you that this photo is getting viral on social media. RBI has not yet made any official announcement of a new note of Rs 50. A senior government officer, who has been involved in the development, said that in a new note of 50 rupees, a sketch of Mahatma Gandhi will be given in Blacksheath Gray Color Tone. The rear of it will be a photo of a temple in south India.
Old 50 rupee notes also in the currency
The Reserve Bank said in December 2016 that they would soon come up with a new note of Rs 20 and Rs 50. The current notes of Rs 20 and Rs 50 will continue. Currency notes are brought in different colors, so people who are illiterate do not have any problem identifying these notes. In the back part of the notes, symbols related to culture, historical places, Indian scientists, skill and technology have been taken.
Photos of Mangalyaan have been taken in a note of Rs. 2,000. Also worth Rs 500 is a photo of Delhi-based Red Fort. The new note also includes the issue of Devanagari script and rounded glasses of Mahatma Gandhi. The 50 rupees note which is currently in the currency, there is a Parliament building in the back and this is pink-bang-colored. The new note of Rs 50 has reached the reserve bank chest at the end of the distribution.

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