During the Rajya Sabha election, the BJP offered me Rs. 200 crore

Congress MLA Meeran Ahir of Dwarka's Khambhaliya today accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of being serious and sensationally that during the election of the BJP, BJP offered me a huge amount of Rs 20 crore, but I refused the offer of BJP because I, my Congress party and myself The people of the area wanted to remain loyal. This allegation of Congress MLA has come out with a lot of enthusiasm and Gujarat's politics is once again reaped. In particular, Congress is making issue of the BJP's anti-national policy on the national level, when its fire burns in the fire, on the other hand, BJP has come in defensive mode. Kambhaliah MLA Meraman Ahir said today that BJP has lured me to give assembly tickets to the Congress to break into Congress. Not only that, a huge amount of Rs 20 crore was offered to me to scrap the Congress. However, I refused the offer of BJP. Because, I am loyal to my party Congress and my people. He added that I am a loyal soldier of Congress party and the people of my area have voted me as MLA and I am elected as MLA, so I can not ridicule anybody under my circumstances that I can not be proud of my Congress party and that's why I offered BJP Rejected. He thanked the people of his Khambhalya-Bhanawad area and bowed down.
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