Duty to keep minimum balance from student's scholarship!

- Commercial views of banks

If there is a balance in the bank, why not take a scholarship! : Insistence of 500 to 1000 balances

If there is no minimum balance then penalty or charge is also levied
Ahmedabad, 25 August, 2017, Friday
Various schemes and scholarships are being benefited by the students of various classes studying in schools. In which children of SC-ST annually, 1000 annually to religious linguistic minorities, Rs. 300 to disabled children. 120 When the financially backward children are annually annually Scholarships of 75 to 150 are offered.
This amount is deposited directly into the student's bank accounts. But since most of these students do not have minimum balance, banks cut off the penalty or charge for not keeping the minimum balance from the amount deposited by their scholarship !!
Nationalized banks, including State Bank of India, have given millions of dollars in lending to industrialists and billions of rupees. Many of which have been lending. This figure also happens in thousands of crores. While on the other hand, banks are not condescending at very poor and poor students.

It just opens an account with zero balance. Thereafter, banks are not ashamed of all the rules of the bank, which are applicable to the masters and cut off the charge from the nominal amount of money. Bankers' managers often threaten school staff that if your salary account is in private banks, why do you come here to open a children's account? click here...  

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