Monday, 21 August 2017

Easy to adopt easy to practice practice tips

Many parents have a problem that their child is dying, despite having a good study, whether its results are getting weak or if they suddenly get away from studying and even more playable.
In such a situation, you can make effective changes in the study of children by adopting some effective tips. If you have a child studying where you are studying or a different study room, then pay a little attention to it as well.
The study room is suitable in East, North and North. These directions are believed to be Swami Indra, Chandra, Shankar and Kubera. Knowledge and riches are gained by the grace of God. So if the study room is north-west and east or west, then it is also appropriate.
Keep the children's study table in such a way that the children's faces should be east, north, or northeast while studying. If the child does not have a separate curriculum, his / her face should remain in these directions when a child is in a study room. Students should not sit in bed or sit in bed while studying or spreading books.
Clock should be placed in the students' room in the north. A picture showing a water in the north or a blue color should be applied.
Keep bookshelf in North, East or Northeast.
If you have a computer, keep it in the south east.
Better if the classroom of the study room is in the upper east of the room.
Keep the table lamp in the southeast.
The room can be kept in color green, light green, blue, cream or white.
In the studio, you should keep a photo of Ganesha and Saraswati Devi.
The study room should be kept quite clean. When you sit to study, keep the steel or silver bowl filled with water. Doing so will increase concentration and also get success.

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