Government Talent Shows and Gazotsav will be held on 29th of the school year

Gandhinagar, Friday
Ganapati festival is celebrated in the Capital of Gandhinagar with the Hershollas. A unique talent show of children studying in the government schools of the city- Gajogesh will be held on Tuesday 29th of the 8th to 10th stage C-22. Through this gazette program, our Foundation will try to connect the pro-active children to society. Workers will be working in the gambling.
At the stage of the Se-22, our Foundation has given this opportunity to our Foundation by the Public Ganeshotsav Samiti, in which the children of the government's primary school, the economically weaker family and the students of Aadarshvariya school and the Special Children's Home also have the intentions of bringing out the latent powers within them. In this Talent show, hundreds of children will participate. Various programs, including Ganeshwand's, fashion show, seaging, tabla, sensor, Krishna, Marwadi dance, comment dance, ring dance, ancient Garbo, Bollywood dance, Bharat Natyaam will be presented by Children of Children. Giving gifts to the children participating in the festival will be given a Vasunset gift. Through this program, urban citizens will also be able to identify the talents and power of children. click here....  

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