Friday, 11 August 2017

Gujarat: NCERT books will teach students of class 1, 3 and 6, implementing from the forthcoming academic year

A major change in education system from the primary level in Ahmedabad-Gujarat's education sector will come in the coming days. According to the decision taken by the education department of the State Government, the NCERT course, taught in CBSE schools, will be taught in all the primary schools of the state in classes -13 and 6 in the academic session 2018-19.
According to the current academic year, language books of the state textbook are taught only in standard 1 to 8. At present, in the standard 1 and 2, the environment is taught, it is not an independent textbook for the subject. But the subject matter of language and math books is placed. That is why a separate textbook for different subjects of the environment will be implemented in 2018-19 by translating the NCERT book into English in standard 1 and 2. Apart from this, for the subject of science in standard 6 and 8, the NCIRT book will also be translated and taught to students from the next new session.
If the subject of mathematics is discussed then there will be no change in the subject of mathematics in standard 1 to 8. In the next year, standard books like Class I and III, Standard-6 and 2019-20, all books other than standard 5 and 8 will be taught as per NCIRT in standard-2,4 and 7 and year 2020-21 in the implementation of other subjects other than mathematics and science.
This decision has been made with the intention of preparing students for the examinations like Gujarat University's students for the examinations. By the end of this year, all books other than standard 1,3 and 6 will be ready in Gujarati.

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