If the owner of 12000 crores is forced to stay in the house of the owner, you will be surprised if you know the name

Do you think that Vijaypat Singhania, owner of Raymond Group, who owns a wealth of 12,000 crores of the country's most noble gentleman, was once airlifted to Britain by flying a plane alone from Britain. He is walking on the road today. The 78-year-old billionaire is sometimes more than Mukesh Ambani's Antelia J.K. Lived in the house. He lives in a rented house in Mumbai's society today. This is true even when you hear this. But this is the truth.
There is a serious controversy in the Singhania family, which is named in the country's richest business families. This controversy has taken place between father Vijaypath Singhania and his son Gautam Singhania.
Raymond Group owner Vijaypat Singhania today is patching up for Pie Pie.
Raymond Limited's owner Vijaypath Singhania has alleged that his son has tucked him for a single penny and he is starving. Singhania accused Gautam Singhania of running Raymond as a personal property.
Once upon a time, Vijayapat Singhania, owner of billionaire Rupees Assamese and India's strongest brands Raymond Limited, has given them this kind of pathetic condition after handing over Raymond's management to his son Gautam.
Vijaypath Singhania currently lives in a rented house in the Grand Paradi Society of Mumbai. He has recently applied to the Bombay High Court and has sought custody of his house in Malabar Hills. 78-year-old Vijaypat Singhania's lawyer told the court that Singhania did all his wealth in the name of son but now the son does not care for him.
Singhania has given all the shares in the company to the son Gautam. These shares were worth Rs. 1000 crores. But Gautam now has left him destitute. The extent has come that Gautam has also withdrawn the car and driver given to his father.
The duplex was filed in the High Court seeking a possession of Singh's house, which was built in 1960 and was a 14-story building at that time. Subsequently, the 4 duplex of this building was given to Raymond's subsidiary to the middle holdings.
In 2007, the company decided to rebuild the building. According to Vijayapat Singhania, Gautam, Veena Devi, widows of Singhania's brother Ajaypat Singhania and sons of Ajaypat-Vinadevi, Anant and Akshaypat Singhania, each got a duplex.
For this, he had to pay 9000 rupees per square foot. Vinadevi and Anant had already filed a joint application to get their part in the apartment. When Akshaypath made a separate application in the Bombay High Court.
Victory counsel told the court that 78-year-old Singhania has made all his wealth in the name of son, but now the girl does not want to give him a rupee.
Thus, Vijaypath Singhania, who has been a billionaire at one time, has undergone difficult economic conditions due to family feud and now the court is hoping to give a verdict in his favor.

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