Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Important News for Mobile Owners: Notice to More 9 Companies, Learn More

Government has sent notices to 9 other smartphone makers to check the security standards of the smartphone maker. The government has asked these companies to provide detailed information on security standards. The nine companies include Motorola, Asus, Honor, Vanplus, Coolpad, Inox, Blue, Oppo and Nubia. Earlier, the government sent notices to 21 smartphone maker companies, which included most Chinese companies.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has taken this step to safeguard the cyberspace and digital framework in the country. With this, the government wants to strengthen the country's digital infrastructure. According to an official in the ministry, "Whatever phones are manufactured and sold in India, they have to give full details of the safety standards. An official said that so far the notice has been sent to 30 companies. "
This move of the government is to safeguard the information of the users, has been raised to ensure that. Because some companies are suspected of stealing information. It is also said that this information can also be sold to other companies. The companies which have sent notices to the government include the Chinese mobile maker Viva, Oppo, Chaomi and Geo. Let us tell you that information can be stolen in 4 ways.
Information about most of the users is found through the WhatsApp page. The hackers can also use these information incorrectly. So that users' privacy could be damaged.
Some users always stay in the phone. If you get information about your location of the users, then you can also get kindergarten like kidnapping.
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The data are sold to telecommunications or ad companies in the phone's context list so that users may also face blackmailing.
There are some private photos in the phone of the user, if these photos come at the hands of hackers, they can misuse and blackmail them too.

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