In 2022, most mobile users in the world will be in India, this number will be done

With the increasing use of mobile phones, India has emerged as a major market. The number of mobile users in India is increasing day by day. Find out how much the number of mobile users in India ...
According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), currently 100 million mobile phone subscribers are in India. There are about 30% of the 100 million mobile phones in the smartphone market for 30 million users. 72% of smartphone users use Android, 21% of people with iOS, and the rest 4% people use the Windows operating system.
Consumer's demand for tablets is declining at 3.3%, while its demand for business usage is growing at 6.9%. By 2022 there will be about 550 million mobile devices in the world. When 2022 will be the largest number of users in India.

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