India-China has started the countdown of war: China Daily

Chinese media also started speaking Chinese language and the language of the military

- A graph of Chinese threats going on day by day

Beijing, Ta. 9th August 2017, Wednesday
The dispute between India and China on the controversial Doklam border dispute reached the peak. While India is advocating peacefully resolving the issue of not addressing the war, the graph of Chinese threats is increasing day by day.
China's government media has now been advised to improve the situation in India, by quoting the Doklam dispute in the editorial of Chinese Premier newspaper.
According to a China Daily article, the war countdown has started between India and China. India should now take immediate action on this direction as the possibility of a peaceful settlement is being fulfilled.
In a tweeting editorial with China's government media and government, India has also been advised to withdraw its forces from Doklam. It has been written in the editorial that the settlement of the Doklam problem is in the hands of Delhi and without any condition can the situation of the returning of the people without dokalam

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