Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Jio 4G Phone: People from tomorrow will have a Geo phone, such as bookings for phones and phone features

Reliance Jio 4G Phone will start beta testing from tomorrow 15th August. And the phone will be used during beta testing. For which some people will be given phone calls. Pre-booking of Reliance Geo phone will start on August 24. Currently the company's website will be registered at www.jio.com. For pre booking, go to the company's site and enter your name, mobile number, e-main ID, and PIN code number. Then the user will be given a confirmation mail and message. Booking of the line and on line can be booked in both ways. On August 24 or next, Reliance Jiya's My Geo App Phone Fitter can be booked online. Reliance Jio is offering this phone to free. However, one condition for that is to give Rs 1500 as security money for the phone. Which will be returned after 3 years.
This phone will recharge all the facilities by charging Rs 153 per month. Which is currently available in recharge of 309 rupees. So you get unlimited voice calling facility free of charge. Geo features a 2.4 QVGA display in the phone. It has such a feature.
4 Navigation buttons are provided with a numeric key pad.
It also has a MicroSD card slot. The phone will also have a rear camera, torch light and FM radio and Bluetooth.
This phone will support 22 Indian languages.
This phone will also support voice commands.
An app like Reliance Geo's music, Geo Cinemas and Geo TV are already installed in the phone.
Two models of Geo Mobile will be launched. A model of Geo Features phone will come with Kakwalcom's mobile platform and the second model will come with a spectrum processor.

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