Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Jio phones come with Whatsapp big news, Geo users will not be happy

In the 40th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries, the company launched the cheapest 4G feature phone JioPhone The JioPhone is priced at Rs. 0, but Rs. 1500 will be required for the security. After the announcement, some questions are being raised in the minds of users, the biggest question is whether this will play WhatsApp in JioPhone.
According to a report, Reliance Geo is currently communicating with WhatsApp, the world's largest intimate messaging app. The company wants to create a special version of WhatsApp that can be used in JioPhone.
According to sources, meetings between Reliance Geo and the officials of WhatsApp are taking place. According to sources close to Reliance Geo, "There is a conversation with Whatsapp and with Facebook we have already had our relation. JioPhone requires a special version so WhatsApp can run smoothly. "
It is worth mentioning that JioPhone already has Geo Apps which can be used. There will also be Geo Chat, which is an instant messaging service. However, Reliance Company can not ignite this thing by looking at WhatsApp's big user base.
The app, including Facebook and Messenger, also launches another version of their app, which can work in low budget smartphones and low internet speed. Facebook lights and messenger lights are an example of this. The possibility is that WhatsApp also works on JioPhone which launches a special version of WhatsApp for JioPhone phones.
With Geo, WhatsApp will also benefit, as Facebook and WhatsApp have also benefited from the sale of Geo SIM. Geo has increased the number of users and the usage is also increasing.

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