Sunday, 6 August 2017

JioPhone to be made better than a Nokia 3310

  Mumbai: A smartphone is almost a necessity to survive these days. From sending important messages to sending the documents and files for free, WhatsApp is one of the best apps available in the market. Therefore, Reliance’s new JioPhone, which was launched last month with an attractive scheme, also needs to have WhatsApp to survive in a market dominated by smartphones.  With a lot of hype and appealing aesthetics, 2.5G Nokia 3310 was relaunched in 2017, which might have increased the nostalgia but was not compatible with today’s needs.  According to the reports, It seems that Reliance is already working with WhatsApp to bring the popular messenger to the JioPhone.  A report by Factor Daily has stated that Reliance Jio is already in discussions with WhatsApp to bring a watered-down version of the popular messenger on the JioPhone. WhatsApp as of now has been made for popular smartphone platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone (which is now dead).  The JioPhone works on KaiOS, somewhat based on the Firefox OS — an OS which didn’t see much popularity due to Android and iOS. Therefore, if Reliance wants to bring WhatsApp to the JioPhone, they will have to make a special version.  Although Jio will provide its own suite of apps with the JioPhone, which also includes the JioChat messenger app, the lack of WhatsApp on the platform could be a deal breaker for many. WhatsApp is one of the reasons to push feature phone users to the world of smartphones as well generate revenue for the network providers.  In addition to that, with support for 4G VoLTE, more of India’s population will be able to witness the digital revolution happening at present in the country. 

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