Modi government will remove your old electricity meters, the new smart meter will be used

New Delhi: The government can remove old electricity meters from your home in a nutshell. Just as the government has worked on the new LED bulb in place of the electricity bulb, the same way, now the old meter is preparing to introduce a new smart meter. Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal informed in the Lok Sabha that the government is trying to reduce the price of the smart meter of electricity from Rs. 10,000 to one thousand rupees. After reducing the cost of smart meters, the government can put these meters in every home and office.

The energy minister said that on the one hand electricity thieves will be controlled and one can get adequate readiness of electricity. The energy minister said that the blurring of the smart meter will not be possible and it will also end the work of lineman to get the light of the house going home, because the smart meter will read directly into the computer. The energy minister said that the electricity meter will be made in the country only.

The Minister said that the way the government has reduced the cost of LEDs of 300 rupees to 40 rupees, the same will reduce the cost of the smart meter to Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 2000-1500 and then it will be taken below Rs. 1,000. The Energy Minister expressed confidence that the government would get the target of electrification across the country by 2022.

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