Tuesday, 15 August 2017

New gift to WhatsApp customers: The convenience of the Night Mode feature

New Delhi: Mobile phone holders and people who are constantly busy with social media will get new features through Whatsapp, in which a new knight mod feature is being brought from WhatsApp, which will provide a very good picture-dragging facility in less light. .
The new facility, which is available from WhatsApp, offers a special notification that no other apps with this new knight mod feature will be mixed. Doing so will make it less impact on the user's eye at night, as well as a good result in the camera due to the knight specimen. Due to this, good and best image can be dragged. This new feature will be the first to come in IOS, but soon there will be a new feature for the user. So there will be no problem in using them.
In addition, WhatsApp will offer two new features for its Android app, which will take care of the tough character of a feature font style, while its second feature is for printed emoji. This feature is already available for IOS users.

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