Nita Ambani in flood prone area: 4 villages taken for adoption, Rs. 10 crores

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Nita Ambani in flood prone area: 4 villages taken for adoption, Rs. 10 crores

Sunil Patel, Patan | Aug 09,2017 11:03 PM IST


Patan: Mukesh Ambani's chairman Mukesh Ambani visited Patna district's flood-hit Abiana village on Wednesday. They distributed kits to the flood victims of Abiyana Gadsei and Uni village. After the adoption of the foundation of Reliance foundation, it has announced the allotment of Rs 10 crore for the rehabilitation of Dhanrashi along with adoption of three to four villages. After discussions with the state government, the villages will be selected, "he said.

Nita Ambani, daughter of the wealthy Ambani family of the country, arrived with her son Anant with a helicopter at Tharra in Banaskantha, on the way to the village of Abiana village in Santalpur taluka. Where they together with heart-to-heart talks of the women brothers of the village of Guadai. They requested to take advantage of the facilities made by the Reliance Foundation by visiting the Veterinary Camp, Medical Camp at Kit Distribution Camp and Village near the bus stand. At last addressed a short meeting at the villagechek.

In which during the disaster, the Reliance Foundation gave you the permission. He said that the earthquake occurred in Kutch when the foundation was celebrated. After that, the trust will contribute to this area in Uttarakhand, Kedarnath, Chennai and now flooded areas. For this, 50 people from Jamnagar and other places have been employed here. Sarpanch of the village Bhikiben Ahir, former Sarpanch Shivaji Gohil presented roti ward house and soil erosion in the village. On this occasion Mamlatdar, Aaspi, Madar Singh Gohil were present in the area.

Pride of empathy in Nita Ambani's dialogue

At the time of the welcome welcome to the village, a lot of floods were asked. There is still water.

- Distribution of kit to Gudsai's Jubeben and Manguben. There are also some things in the kit that have said and asked nothing else should be asked

- told to distribute 8000kits of the foundation staff in question

- A woman taking a kit, trembling with fever, asked them to take them immediately to the medical camp.

- Use medical camps and fencing arrangements in the village. Do not eat chlorine tablets, do not eat chlorine tablets

(Photos: Sunil Patel, Patan)

Read in the next slides, build houses in the shelf so that the flood can be resorted to .....

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