Tuesday, 8 August 2017

One image can also be hacked by hacking the WhatsApp account

1. The image can also be hacked from WhatsApp account

Instant messaging app has revealed some security deficiencies in WhatsApp and Telegram. The computer security firm CzechPoint has told about such a defect. By which hackers can hack WhatsApp or telegram encrypted messages. The special thing is that even encrypted messages can be used for hacking.
2. Hacksapp account can also be hacked from the image

The check point security firm says that the company has given details of this fault to whitswap and telegrams. The security perspective does not tell the company about how hackers can hack whatsapp and telegrams. Last week, this security firm has told both instant messaging apps that it can be fixed by security patch update.
3. Hacksapp account can also be hacked from the image

However, the company did not even say that this security flaw has been a threat to whitespace and telegram accounts. Sometimes such deficiencies occur in some selected accounts. Checkpoint officer Ouded Vannu has said that due to this new drawback, the risk of hacking has been mounting on millions of users' accounts.
4. Whitespace account can also be hacked from the image

The security firm says that this mistake often gives a hacker the chance to hack WhatsApp. According to the company, 'The assassin can take control of the account by sending the photo looking at the photo whitsapp. You can learn from account photos, chats and videos to history, in control. '
5. Whatsapp account can be hacked from WhatsApp account

It is noteworthy that both Whitespace and Telegram offer end-to-end encryption in chats. According to the claim, it can not decode a third person except the sensor and receiver. Even if it is not a government agency But recently, according to the documentation of documents, US Central Intelligence can read the accounts of WhatsApp WhitsApets.

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