PF account will be transferred in three days of changing jobs

If you change your job from next month, your PF account will be transferred automatically. Chief Provident Fund Commissioner, VP Joe, has informed about this. Joey says that the closure of the account is a big challenge for him and he will try to reconcile this problem by improving his service.
Chief PF Commissioner said, "When a job changes, many accounts are closed. Then the Employee turns their account again. Now we have mandated support for enrollment. We do not want to close the accounts. PF account is a Permanent Account. Employees can keep the same account forever for social security. He said further, we are trying to ensure that if a job changes, then the money will be transferred within three days without applying it. If someone has a Support ID and Verify ID, then in the future, any part of the country will be transferred to the account without applying for the job replacement.
This arrangement is going to be implemented soon. Joey says that PF's money should be removed for the treatment of home, children's education or serious illness. This will give people social security. We are going to start an Awareness Campaign that PF's money will be discontinued for the necessary work.

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