Thursday, 24 August 2017

Pre-booking of Jio phones will start today, by giving 500 rupees in this way you can book

NEW DELHI: Pre-booking of GeoPhone, a new telecom company, Reliance Geo, will begin today, ie on August 24, in the evening 5 hours. The company has targeted the target of 50 crore feature phone users in the country. The company is aiming to provide 50 million geophos per week.

Company sources say that booking of Geophone will start from 5 hours in the evening. Phone pre-booking can be made with a payment of 500 rupees, from the company's website or app mieggio and Reliance Digital Store. The company has kept the price of this phone at Rs 1500 for the deposit amount. Rs 500 will be paid at pre-booking time and the remaining amount will be given after receiving the phone. Here we are showing a process of booking more than one phone of jio.

They will be registered by the retailer who will reach their respective places. Based on this information, the company will deliver the phone to the retailer. Every city has a retailer of the company. If you want to get a quick Geo phone, first contact your nearest retailer and register yourself. You will have to give a copy of the support card to the retailer, along with it will have to pay 500 rupees for pre-booking and the remaining 1000 will be given at the time of delivery of the phone.

One ID can be booked by one or more of Geio phones. For every phone you have to pay Rs 1500 which will be refundable. This amount will be returned to the customer after 3 years. If you want to buy a phone bulk then you can register in the business category. After booking, Geo phone delivery will start from the week before September.

Pricing can be done by paying 500 rupees. This amount will be adjusted completely refundable, one-time, security deposit at the time of delivery. Remaining Rs. 1,000 securities deposit will be payable at delivery time of the device. Geophone users can use geophone for 36 months and then return to GeoPhone to Rs. 1,500 securities deposit can be completely refunded.

Online booking can be done on Geo's website. This bookings will start for a few hours only if you believe in the media report. It will be easier to book online than online. The phone can also be booked from the myjio app. It will be updated from 12 o'clock on the night of August 23.

SMS can also be booked by SMS. For this, by typing jpeg in an SMS, typing the code of your area by giving a space. After that, give another space and type store code near the geo store near the area. Now let's send SMS to number 7021170211. Make your registration.

Click on Geo's website Go Find A Store here and search by entering your pin code, there will be a list of geo stores located on their zip code. From which call the store number of your nearest store and ask that store's code.

Voice calls on geophone are always free. Geo will provide unlimited data to customers on geophone. Geo will offer free voice and unlimited data at Rs 153 per month. GeoPhone is pre-loaded with messaging, entertainment, geo apps, especially for Geo TV. Geo TV has 400 live TV channels as well as geomusic and geosynmic support, which will give you the latest entertainment in various regional languages. The GeoPhone will also include the most popular instant messaging and social networking apps, the users will enjoy it.

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