Monday, 14 August 2017

Read ... Why Celebrate Lord Krishna's birth festival Janmashtami

Festivals are started in the month of Shravan and Janmashtami is waiting for all of them. Shravan Vidya is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna, in all terms, is complete. There is no defect anywhere. His life is fascinated only. "Krrishna Attracted Eti Krsna" which draws. Attracts That is Krishna! - Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, his sayings are the scriptures of life of philosophy. "Lord Krishna of Mahabharata is a yoga man. Yogeshwar is. And folk is the Maheshwar. Krishna's worth of Shrimad Bhagavata is man. The Krishna Purana of Vishnu Purana is a Purusha. Krishna of Harivansha is a history man. Gin is Govinda's Krishna love-bride. Yugavarat Krishna has been ranked as the man of the masses in the popularity of India. Over the centuries Krishna's glory has not come to light.
Among the people of India, Lord Krishna is the place. As well as for many years Krishna Janmotsav is celebrated. As well as where folk fairs are done. Goes there And heresies. In this context, there is an example of Durgarji Maharaj. Why do we celebrate Janmashtami every year, as we celebrate the fields, see the rain, but do we? Once the water is given to the crop, then the rain comes once the rain is complete, will the farm work be completed? No rainy season is needed every year. Because the factories are drying every year. Water is absorbed. Likewise, the waste of our heart litter dirt gets dry. It should be a shravan for re-heartening, for the purpose of worship, it is necessary for the Janmashtami. Pandurang Shastri also said about Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna made his life so beautiful and fragrant that anyone who looked at him, today, Lord Krishna himself seems very attractive to us. Janmashtami comes every year. It also gives people an awards.
Speaking of Lord Ganesha Lord Krishna in the month of Shravan, if we talk about the coming festivities in this month, religious festivals also have significant significance in Loksamaj. There are tools for entertainment in the fair. The Janmashtami Fair is celebrated. Festivals of Satam and Eighth are held on the banks of the lake. On the whole day, people from all parts of the city, including trader Alam, leave. All people fall in the fairs. These fairs have the glory of There are various types of toys and food stall. People go to the temple to perform darshan. At night, Lord Krishna's birthday celebration is also celebrated.
In today's day, all the Krishna Gods in the temples, inside and outside, such as the vault and temple pillar are illuminated on the outside and inside. The city ravages. There is also a matriculation program. Thus, we talk about the glory of Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesha, the glory of Goddess Durga Mela and its celebration of traditional festivals. Fairs are the identity of the culture. There is also a glimpse of the lives of people. Fairs are the source of the religious cultural development center. Fairs are what happens. Everyone participates in it. The social environment is expanded. The joy of the fair is unique.

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