Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Samsung J7 phone offer for Rs 17,000 in Rs 3500? Know the true fact at one click

Samsung J7 phone offer for Rs 17,000 in Rs 3500? Know the true fact at one click

In the third year of BSc, when a young man, who is studying in the third year of the BSNL phone, has been selected in the name of the Lucky Draw, and that Samsung's Rs. The J7 phone, priced at Rs 17,000, can get only 3,500 rupees. When the youth came to the confirmation call two days later as directed by the phone, he took the parcel from the cash on delivery counter in the linked post office and saw it, instead of Samsung's mobile, Ganesha and Lakshmiji's plastic statue got out! When he called back to the company's number, the company had given a call for his men to check what was going on, but no one in the company did so.
It is necessary to know the true fact that such an incident does not happen with you.
Just like the linking man, the businessman of Dhandhuka had the same experience. He also received a phone call from Delhi Company and offered Samsung Galaxy J7 for Rs 3500. The businessman had booked this phone and when his phone reached the post office, he got Rs.
He had reached by 3500, but he was stopped due to repeated warnings. In addition, one of his friends has also been found to have been cheated.

A post office official has informed that nearly two to three customers daily become cheating in their post office. According to him, this kind of fraud is being run in other post offices of the country. There are two to three events per day sending parasels to fraudulent customers at the post office cash on delivery counter.
We explain to many customers not to accept this parcel but they do not believe and later regret it. Since the work of the post office is only to give the parcel to the customer and to give money to the party, nothing else can do in this matter. Even so, it also tries to protect as many customers as possible from fraud by companies. If the customers refuse to accept the parcel, the parcel with post office returns to the company.
But once the customer opens the box, then the post office can not refund them money.

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