Saturday, 19 August 2017

Telecom sector can employ 3 million people by 2018

About 3 million people can get jobs in the country's telecom sector by 2018. The main reasons behind this are the increasing area of ​​4G technology in the country, increasing use of data and digital walts and the rising smartphone market. It can be said that there will be more jobs in the coming days in the telecom sector. Recently in the study of ASSOCHAM and KPMG, it has claimed that by 2018, there will be more than 30 lakh jobs in the telecom sector.
The study has said that currently the Telecom sector is in a position where it is forced to increase the investment in basic structure and technological improvements even after the reduction in consumer revenue, so that they can compete. 5G and machine-to-machine technology will give opportunity to 8.7 lakh jobs by 2021.
One thing that comes out of the study is that new technologies in the country will require more people in the telecom sector, because that's the people's skill and number of people working in this sector is not enough. According to the study, "Skills are required to meet the deficit, for which cyber security experts, application developers, sales executives, infrastructure technicians, headset technicians will need skilled manpower and at the same time, people working on existing technology will have to update."

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