Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The factories of Surat-based 2000-500 counterfeit notes were seized, worth 40.73 lakhs

However, the government's claim has left the air.
Meanwhile, the SOG found material worth 2,000 rupees for making counterfeit currency notes. In addition, fake currency notes worth Rs 40.73 lakh were also found.
The police were shocked to see such a large number of fake notes. Police arrested three persons involved in making counterfeit notes and undertook further investigations.
Apart from this, it was also said that it is not possible to make a copy of this note.
So far, how many people have succeeded in circularing the market, they will come out at the end of the investigation.

Police took over two thousand rupees 2679 notes. When a 500 rupee 1906 knot was found. In addition, the police seized a fake note making machine.
The printing of fake notes confirms the fact that due to the increase in the debt, the factory has started.

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