The pre-booking process of Reliance Jio 4G's free phone starts, registering this way

NEW DELHI: Reliance Jio has launched a GeoPhone market again. The company is giving its own Geo Phone for free. It is a matter of fact that Rs 1500 will be deposited as a security which can be returned after 3 years. Reliance Jio has also started pre-booking of its phones. According to the company's website, the company has started taking the details of the customer.

Customers who want to buy a Geo phone can pre-book phones by August 24, the Myzio op or Geo retailer. On going to the website you will see a banner of Geo Smartphone on the home page. Then click on keep me post. Later you will come to the registration page. You can register here by giving details of name, address, mobile number and email id. The company's message will appear on your mobile number as soon as you register.

The phone is fully free but will also have to deposit a deposit of 1500 rupees to buy it. Which will be refunded after three years. This deposit money has been kept to prevent free data misuse. Mukesh Ambani said that people seem to miss free items, that is why we are taking these rupees from the users, who can return it after three years.

In the Annual Meeting, Mukesh Ambani said that this phone was made by Indian Engineers. We hope that we will be able to make 5 million phone subscribers every week.

It is worth mentioning that this phone will get life-time free calling. 153 for data usage - The money will be offered in the month. The company's director, Esha and Akash Ambani, described the phone as "the most intelligent".

You can call-message with a voice command. You do not have to use the keypad for this. You can view all the content of the Geo Phone on the big screen. But for that you will need a special geo cable.

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows you to easily make any payment with one tap. You will be able to automate the number of police and ambulance.

This phone will always keep you free of voice calls, as well as unlimited data usage. You can make pancake alert active by pressing number 5 in the phone. You can listen to any song on Geo Music, currently it only sounds like Vande Mataram.

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