Sunday, 20 August 2017

Unilever, after opposing the decision to hand over the colleges to the examination. Will reconsider

At the Academic Council meeting

-The final decision in Syndicate will be taken after discussions with Dean, Acharya, Reform Committee

Ahmedabad, 19th August 2017, Saturday
Opposition accusations and patchy gossip between the chairmanship of the economics department and the former president at the meeting
Without sending any of the subjects, you can send marks in the university
This is about kulapatinu said that recent examinations are late results have been running a long time and does not accept responsibility for verifying the college professors uttaravahio so that colleges be allowed into the exam will be taken exams per session and complete soon the results will be timely and that colleges prophasaro at least his It is a misconception that the colleges themselves will be able to do so Uni. will prepare papers for all subjects and will give to colleges and monitoring colleges will only arrange their students' meeting arrangements and take exams.

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