Use WhatsApp, FB Messenger? If you do not read the report then regret it

A new study conducted recently suggests that users of messaging apps like WhatsAppSpace, Facebook Messenger and Viaber can be victims of fraud or hacking at any time. Are Your Mobile Messages Safe or Secure? That question is important for users. 14 percent of users using WhatsApp or similar applications are keeping their mobile system completely secure. That is, only 14% of those who use WhatsApp are safe. Apps messages can be intercepted, but more steps are needed to keep them safe. The study concludes that most users do not meet the entire security process.
Users do not know how to use the security features properly
Most users do not know the proper and systematic use of mobile security features, so they can become victims of hackers or frogs. Only 14% of the users in the study found that they were able to successfully provide security to their mobile messaging system. It may also be that third party or interlocutors with intentions are intransigent to your conversation, said Brigham Young University's Computer Science Ph.D. student Elham.
Facebook Messenger does not have automatic encryption feature
Facebook messenger does not have automatic encryption facility but users have to set it up. Encryption is safe in WhatsApp and Wi-Fi, but it is advisable to complete the entire process.
All of these applications require authentication.

Users must confirm their conversion partner's identity
In this messaging process, the users have to confirm their conversion partner's identity. Third parties do not have any clue about the message details, so it is necessary to protect them. Shrewd hackers can intercept your messages and you do not even know. In this, before your message reaches your partner, the hacker or reader can read it and then forward it to your partner.

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