Wednesday, 23 August 2017

You will be amazed to hear such strange names from the villages of India

Some places in our country are named Ajiborib, which will also make you happy. You might be wondering why this place's name is scary. So let's know this 8 space name. Which is somewhere in the name of animals, somewhere pictorial
Look at this buffalo
The Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh is a fame for the pada, but there is a village in Mathura district, which is named Bhishna. If you are reading that the accused of the kidnapping of a feticide is caught, then you will become laughable.

Kala goats
The name of a village in Jalandhar, Punjab is Kala Bakra.

So this village is like a common village, but its strange name makes it special.

Madhya Pradesh
A small village in Madhya Pradesh's Baitul district is famous because of its name. When people from this village would tell their friends that they came from the mud, they would become a center of junk.

Kuttala of Karnataka is made up of natural beauty
Kutta is a small village of Kurg district in the state of Karnataka. Travelers traveling to see the beautiful scenery of Karnataka all over the world never forget to see the natural beauty of Kutta.

There are no trains, trains are there
Vedic word means flood in Hindi. The railway station named after Patna is named after it. When this station comes, people inevitably say that our train stayed on the stairs.

This is the punei of UP
We all keep on trying, that we should stay away from adolescence. But people of a village in Uttar Pradesh's Chitrakoot district can not even do this. The name of this village is paanuti.

This alcohol will not drink
Whether you have the pleasure of drinking alcohol or not. But by going to this village you can say that he went to alcohol. The name of a village in Jharkhand state is liquor.

You will spoil your face by hearing this name. This is not a place for you, you are thinking. Tatti Khan is a village in the Rangareddy district of the state of Telangana. People here also keep clean.

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