Monday, 14 August 2017

Your 1st Missed Call happens to the tellym company so much

We have lived Missed Call several times and then we are calling from the front. We feel that our money has survived and it has happened. Missed Call people can easily connect with each other, but do you know that Telecommunication companies earn from Missed Call?
You may have heard the name of MTC. The full name of MTC is mobile termination charge, so that this charge takes one company for incoming calls from another company coming to its network. Telecom companies get termination and interconnection charges on each incoming call on the second operator's network. Currently the incoming call is charged 14 paise.
According to a report, 50% of all telecom operators in the country have installed in rural areas of the country, with 40% of the network being equal to telecom companies earnings. Now it is a question that why companies are losing money if they are losing money. The biggest reason behind this is MTC, which makes earnings. Some telecom companies are demanding an increase in the MTC charge, according to them, 30 cents is spent on making incoming calls on their network.
According to a report, recently Idea and Airtel, where MTC has been charging 30 paisa per minute for the MTC review meeting with TRAI, while Vodafone has sought 34 paisa for it. If this happens, the call rates will also be affected, as the tariff plan is determined according to MTC.
MTC currently has 14 paise, but if TRAI orders it to be less then users can be damaged. Network connectivity in rural areas will be affected, as per the Telecom Company, they will lose the loss due to MTC, and in this case why any company invested in this position. This may increase the risk of unwanted calls and messages as the company can do this to reduce its value.

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