About 50 rupees note, this brother said that the RBI has lost sleep!

About 50 rupees note, this brother said that the RBI has lost sleep!

A person has got a new note of Rs 50 in Mumbai. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) gave information on bringing a new note of Rs 50 on August 18. No official announcement has been made to present this note to the public. The new notes issued by the RBI are very different from the notes of the old 50 rupees. The new note of 50 rupees is pale red color. A new note is printed in front of Mahatma Gandhi's photograph, below which is the document of RBI governor, Urjit Patel. These new notes of Rs.50 have been shown on the cultural heritage of the country. In the back of the note, the image of the capital of the Vijayanagar empire is printed on Hampi. However, the old 50 rupee notes will remain in the currency.
The new 50-note width is 66 millimeters and length is 135 mm. From last month, social media was getting Rs 50 and Rs 200 worth of new notes. The government confirmed on Wednesday that the new banknotes of Rs 200 will be presented by the Reserve Bank of India.
The new $ 200 note is Bright Yellow. Behind it is a replica of the Sanchi Stupa. Today the Reserve Bank will be available in some of the scheduled branches and bank branches. This note is also a Mahatma Gandhi series. It will be the signature of Governor Bank Governor Urjit Patel. The length of the note is 146 millimeters and the width is 66 millimeters. The new note also focuses on security measures. Apart from this, security features have also been provided for the visually impaired.
On the upper part of the currency notes, 200 are written in both Hindi (Devanagari) and English (Roman). It can be clearly seen. Seeing note in the blaze, R-PAR 200 appears to be written. Mahatma Gandhi's picture is kept in the note. Apart from these, the notes are written in RBI, India, India and 200 smallest letters. 'India' and 'RBI' are written on the note security guard.


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