Blue Whale Challenge: Advisory to parents, teachers

The School Education Department on Thursday released a set of guidelines for parents, teachers and heads of institutions with regard to promoting safe online practices.

In a release, R. Elangovan, Director of School Education, said they had taken notice of students playing harmful online games.

“During the morning assembly, heads of schools should address the students about keeping away from unwanted computer and mobile applications and put up guidelines on the school notice board about the mental and physical ill-effects,” the statement read.

The Central Board of Secondary Education had released an advisory earlier this month on safe online practices.

Schools have further been asked to motivate students to be involved in yoga, sports and games. Parents as well have been asked to spend adequate time with the children and take notice if they speak about feeling lonely.

The advisory for parents and teachers further spoke about how they need to be alert and observe if there were any changes with regard to the internet usage of the students.

“It is a cause for concern if a student spends long hours online and begins to further alienate themselves from friends and family members. In schools, counsellors should be available and address the students about any issues they might be having,” it said.

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