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States have agreed to increase the VAT on natural gas by 5%. States have also agreed to reduce the VAT of other petroleum products, such as petrol and diesel used as inputs in the manufacturing sector. This has been a major success in keeping the price of petroleum goods across the country as a whole.
After the implementation of the states, the GST Council will discuss this scheme. A senior government official told ET that the council will make a final decision on this proposal. There is a discussion between the center and the states at the level of the officials. The GST Council had previously discussed this issue and the states were asked to prepare the scheme. Another government official said that now the states have to take action. It is noteworthy that petroleum products are not covered under GST.
From the beginning, the government had planned to bring petroleum products under GST. However, the states did not support the move as there was significant discourse from the sector. If the states improve the proposal, the way prices of petrol products will become paved throughout the country. Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Wednesday argued strongly to include Petroleum products under GST.
He said that the time has come for GST Council to include Petroleum Products under GST. State officials said the issue of reducing VAT on other gas petroleum products and five percent of the VAT on natural gas was the main issue. Earlier amendment was proposed in the Central Sales Tax. So, the cost of producing goods under GST does not increase. Now they have to pay 1 -30% VAT for getting petroleum
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