Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The youngest pilot of Bharatvanshana became the teenager

Kishore Mansoor Anees, 14-year-old Bharat Vishwa who lives in United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become the oldest pilot. Anise found this achievement by flying an engine in Canada. He flew the aircraft for about 10 minutes.
Anne, who was studying in the ninth standard, certified this access to Canada's AAA Aviation Flight Academy last week. The certificate says, "Anne successfully completed his first single fly by flying airplane from Regional Airport at the age of 14." After this achievement, after returning to the UAE, Anees claimed that he did this job by taking the least amount of time (25 hours) in training.
In the matter of the oldest pilot, Anees broke the record of pilots of the United States and Germany, who took 34 hours of training to fly the aircraft.

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