Monday, 11 September 2017

Today's all educational news date 11/09/2017

The family of the victim has made a shocking claim that the girl had reported the matter to a school teacher who did not pursue it. They claimed the teacher said she would deal with it but did not bother to report it to the management or the parents.

The family has also alleged that the teacher tried to bribe them and influence the staff of the hospital, where the child was first taken to. However, the allegations have been denied by the teacher and the school management.

They also alleged that the stance of the hospital management changed after the teacher spoke to the nurse who first told them that the child could have been a victim of assault.

‘Offered money’

“The doctors at Chacha Nehru Hospital said they did not have the facilities to treat my child and seemed to be in a hurry to refer her to LNJP. We asked about the nurse, but neither the doctor nor the support staff seemed to be knowing anything about her,” said the girl’s mother.

She even alleged that the teacher offered them money in exchange for not naming the school before the police or the press. The teacher said she had offered money but for treatment.

The mother claimed the teacher offered chocolates to bribe the child.

However, the teacher said: “It’s normal to offer goodies to an unwell child . I am not even a permanent staff member of the school. I have children too and would never do something that compromises the safety of a child. The truth is I was unaware and so were others in school


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