Monday, 18 September 2017

What is the identity of Sidhi Sayyad jali, the historic historian of Ahmedabad?

The historic Sidi Syedi mosque's gully world is famous for Ahmedabad's identity. The specialty of this grill is that this large nets are made from the same stone. This gauze is considered as a benign model of embroidery. Apart from being one of the famous buildings in Ahmedabad, Sidi Syedi Jali is also used as an icon of Ahmedabad.
Traveling to Ahmedabad, the country and the foreigners do not go to see Sidi Saeed. The Sidi Sayyadni Mosque is located near the red gates in the busy area of ​​the city. There are four stores on one wall. The design of these creations is a beehive. In addition, Sidi Sayyad's nets, which are called as palm trees, have a net lattice. At first glance, it seems that the tree of palm trees has fitted it between the stones. But it is a fine artistic lattice with sandstone stones. Sidi Saeed Ghali has been established as a memento of the city. In the Sultanate era, in 1573 Sidi Sayyed created this nets. As the Sadi Saeed was made, this gale became popular only by its name. The width of this grill is ten feet and is seven feet high.

Looks like a javelin is embroidered on clothes instead of stone. When the light of the lengthening sun rises from the lattice, there is a very different atmosphere. Sidi Saeed created Benmoon mosque from the income of his estate villages. But after the conquest of Akbar, Sidi Saeed's income ceased, he could not complete the incomplete work of the mosque. Therefore, the stones are placed in place of the grill instead of one. He died after being buried in this mosque. There is no support from the fact that the British have taken third jali. When Russia's Zar visited India, he visited Sidi Said's mesh. After that, Queen Elizabeth of England was surprised to see the grille carving.
Officials of the Ahmedabad corporation also offer guests a replica of the grill. A replica of the grill established as a symbol of identity of Ahmedabad takes visitors with visitors from outside. The Indian Institute of Management has given it its title.

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