Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Big news about the teachers in the state


 In the name of the Staffing Pattern, the government has already prepared for Decrease Five Thousand Post of Teachers (5 Thousand Post of Teachers) at the time of nomination campaign.  Teacher organizations argue that in the staffing pattern when it is declared as Surplus to the original teachers of Hindi, Social and Sanskrit, against the posts of Level 1 against the rules of the original, it is against the rules to adjust to the original post.  The posts in the staffing pattern are determined from the nomination of May 2019.  While the nomination should be from 30 September 18 or the current month.  This will increase the number of termination as well.

 184 Teacher Surplus
 At the time of nomination accreditation, 184 teachers have been made surplus in the district.  In such a situation, the teachers will try to enroll nomination for which school.  While the next school does not yet know which school they will get posting.  In spite of being employed by the subject-matter Hindi and Social on the subject of the subject, the teachers of Hindi and Social were given new appointment and posting on the first level vacancies.  Two-two, three-three teachers of Hindi and social schools were employed in a school.  Since 2016 the place has been changed for teachers.

 Surplus teachers were employed in mathematics, English and science positions in the staffing pattern in 2016.  Hindi, social and Sanskrit teachers became surplus.  These three subjects were not vacant posts.  Two years later, these teachers were removed from the posts of mathematics, science and English.  This teacher again became surplus  This time these teachers have been placed at the vacant posts of first level.  Since 2012, recruitment of teachers has been started on topic wise and levelwise.  STC trained teachers were given first level and teachers of BEd training subjected to second level at the second level.  Levels and topics were determined on one side.  While second and last year's teachers of second level of Hindi and Social were recruited during the recruitment, the posts of Hindi and Social were not being vacant while ignoring the rules on first-level posts.

 Change of CDO transfer order after four days
 Sikar.  Officers have been transferred to the education department four days later.  Regarding the transfer of the officers of the education service, posting amendment order has been issued on Saturday by Dr Randhadeep Yadav, Deputy Secretary, Government of Rajasthan Government Group II.  According to the list released on Saturday, CDO Surinder Singh Gaur has been replaced by a crocodile back.  The CDO, Sikar Ghanshyam Dutt, has been sent from Sikar to Jhunjhunu.

 Nomination campaigns are not affected if the work of transfer, setup change and staffing is done before the new session.  But even today, on the lines of the BJP government, by the predecessors of the government's government, there has created a panic-stricken atmosphere in schools.  Our organization will strongly oppose it in the entire state.  -Upendra Sharma, State General Secretary, Rajasthan Teachers Association (Shekhawat)

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