Saturday, 27 July 2019

How to work from part time Amazon,

Amazon India, the leading e-commerce site in India, has introduced a new program for the convenience of the people.  Under Amazon's program, any citizen of India can earn money by sharing Amazon products.  This Amazon program is called 'Amazon Flex'.  Under this program, the company wants to strengthen delivery in India.  Let's find out more about this program.

 It is worth mentioning that Amazon India, the parent of the e-commerce sector, has recently launched a program.  Under this program, the company will appoint part-time partners to enhance its delivery operations in India.  Under this program called Amazon Flex, users can sign-up themselves, create their own schedule, and even earn Rs 120-140 per hour on packet delivery from Amazon.  Amazon Flex has been launched in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi and will be expanded to other cities by the end of this year.

 The delivery partner will be covered under the Accident Policy to make delivery for Amazon.  "As long as we want to continue our current distribution capabilities across the country, Amazon Flex will enable Amazon's customers to better serve and accelerate delivery," said Vice President Akhil Saxena.

 The program works through an app, a delivery partner can create thousands of opportunities for people to deliver their packet and increase their earning potential.  Amazon Flex works together with advanced logistic system and technology.  Amazon said all delivery partners will have to go through a background verification process and they will be given training before distributing packets.  And the delivery partner will be covered under the Accident Policy

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