How to sbi loan in zero interest rates for loans

ICICI Bank, the country's second largest private bank, is offering free loans to its customers.  You can get a loan from the bank for a certain time limit and you don't have to pay any interest.  To avail ICICI Bank's free load  facility, you have to accept some terms and you will get a loan with no interest.

 Loan without interest

 According to information provided on ICICI Bank's website, bank customers can avail loans through PayLater account without any interest.  This palter account is a digital credit product that works like a credit card, where you spend first and then pay it off.  Under this facility, the bank allows you to borrow a certain amount for 30 days.  Later you have to pay back.  The bank offers you a 45-day interest-free loan under this Pallet facility.

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 How to get this feature

 ICLL's Palette feature is available on Internet Banking, iMobile and Pocket Wallet.  You may not be able to pay bills with credit card or transfer funds under this facility.
How much is the limit

 You can get up to Rs. 5000 to Rs. 25,000 under ICICI Bank's pallet account.  How much loan you get depends on how much you are eligible for depending on the bank.  It depends on your credit score.
When to charge

 To avail of the Pilates facility, you do not have to pay any interest, but if you do not pay your bill till the timetable, you will have to pay a late payment charge by the bank.  You will have to pay this charge until you clear your dew.

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