Many useful announcements were made for farmers and villages


NEW DELHI: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram today presented Budget 3 in the Parliament, which also had many advertisements for farmers and rural areas.  Nirmala Sitaram spoke extensively for the rest of the sector as well as for the agricultural sector.  "A lot of work has been done for farmers and rural India," said Sitaram.  New plans will be introduced next.  Sitaram started with what was said by Mahatma Gandhi.  "The real India lives in a rural area," he said.  The village and the farmer are the focal point of each of their plans.  Every work will be done to simplify the life and business of the farmer.

 Sitaram said the government wants to invest heavily in agricultural infrastructure.  All efforts will be made to double the income of the farmers till the 8th anniversary of independence.  The focus will be on making the food the energetic.  Private entrepreneurs will be encouraged in the works connected with farmers' produce.  Water will be delivered to every house in every village till 3am.  Every house will have access to water from the tank.  This work will be done under the Water Life Mission.  Delivery of drinking water to every household will be a priority.

 The Finance Minister said that under the Prime Minister's Awas Yojana, 8.5 crore houses will be made available to the eligible beneficiaries from 5-6 to 4-6 with facilities like cooking gas, electricity and toilets.  Earlier, it was taking 3 days to build the housing, which is now taking 3 days.  On the Rural Roads Scheme, the Finance Minister said, 5% work has been done on the scheme.  In the coming years, Rs 1 crore is being provided for the construction of a 5 kilometer route.  Under the Ujjwala scheme, LPG connection and electricity will be provided in the rural areas.  Electricity and LPG facilities will be provided to all the families of all villages till 7th.  Except for those who do not want to get connection, every village family will have access to electricity connection and clean fuel till 5.  In the next five years, 3 new farmers' productive associations will be formed.  1.5 lakh villages have been freed so far in the open.

 By October 2, India will be completely free from open defecation.  In order to provide drinking water to every household, aquaculture mission has been undertaken.  Drinking clean water will be available for every household till 3am.  Water security will be given priority in India.  Water power campaign has already begun, which will focus on the six most affected funds in the six districts of the country.

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