Friday, 25 October 2019

Documents required for Pradhan Mantri Laghu Trader Maandhan Scheme

Making small traders strong and self-reliant in their old age: - Through this scheme, the only objective of the government is that the government does not have any financial problems related to small traders in their old age and wants to provide pension for this. It also wants to make them strong and self-reliant. So that they can live a happy life even in their old age.

 Traders joining the scheme: - In this scheme, it has been decided to include such traders who are owners of a small shop, be a retail merchant, own a similar mill like lentils and rice. Apart from this, be a commission agent, real estate broker or the owner of a small hotel or restaurant or the employees working there can also get benefits in this scheme.

 Amount of pension: - Small traders who are eligible under this scheme will be provided an amount of Rs 3000 per month as pension during their old age i.e. after crossing the age of 60 years.

 Nodal Agency: - Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has been chosen as the nodal agency in this scheme, so that it can manage the pension fund, be responsible for payment of pension. And she will also act as the Central Record Keeping Agency.

 Distribution of funds in bank account: - 50:50 percent premium will be deposited by both beneficiary and government in this scheme. The amount of pension received by the applicant will be deposited in his bank account which will be linked to his Aadhar card.

 Documents required for application in the scheme -

 GST registration number: - In this scheme, small traders are being given the opportunity to apply, so their annual turnover has also been determined in this, to prove this, applicants are required to give their GST registration number in the application form.

 Bank Account Passbook: - The amount of pension and premium to be deposited in this scheme is to be deposited in the bank account itself, so the applicants have to attach a copy of the passbook of their bank account with the form.

 Aadhaar Card: - It is very important to have an Aadhar Card applicant for the identity, age of the applicant and depositing the money in the bank account. This document is a very important document.

 Photo of the applicant: - In the application form to be submitted by the applicant, the applicant will also have to get a photograph of his passport. Therefore, the applicant should also keep it with him.

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