Friday, 25 October 2019

Government scheme: open this special account in post office for just 10 rupees, double interest will be available

new Delhi. The Recurring Deposit Account of the Post Office is getting more than double the interest of the Saving Account of the country's largest bank, State Bank of India (SBI). Its special thing is that you can start investing in it with just 10 rupees. Let us tell you that PMC customers are starting to consider their money deposited in the bank as unsafe. That is why we are telling you about such a scheme every day. Where the government takes the guarantee of money.

 If your earnings are deposited in the post office then it is completely safe. The government guarantees every penny of your earnings deposited in the post office.

 Actually, the government uses the money deposited in post office schemes for its works. Therefore, full guarantee is given on this money.

 At the same time, money deposited in banks is put in CRR and SLR and the rest of the money is given to the common people or corporate. Banks increase their business with the interest received from the loan.

 Let's know about this post office scheme…

 SBI is getting double interest
 SBI currently has 3.50 per cent interest on savings account. At the same time, the small savings scheme of the post office is getting interest of 7.2 percent annually on the recurring deposit i.e. RD. That means more than double interest is being received from SBI.

 Open account in any post office
 Opening RD in post office is very easy. You can open it in any post office. You can also open one or more accounts. This account can also be opened in the name of young children. At the age of 10 years or more, you can operate it yourself. Two people can open a joint account together.

 These are the advantages of RD
 >> Recurring deposit depends on the savings of the investor and can invest a fixed amount in it every month.
 >> Under the lock in feature of RD, the interest rate remains the same from beginning to end and the interest rate on the deposit is locked in at the beginning. That is, there is an advantage in RD when the interest rate is low.
 >> Saving management is easy with a recurring deposit and one gets relief from the problem of frequent fixed deposits.
 >> The time period is fixed at the time of opening the account in RD. At the end of the time period, you get the full payment including interest.
 >> The specialty of RD is that it offers the benefits of fixed deposits with regular investment. There is a certainty of income due to the fixation of interest and it is easier to get offers from banks. Funds can be collected for a specific goal in RD.
 >> Post Office RD will have a term of five years.

 Can track online
 The Department of Post has launched a mobile banking service for post office savings account holders. Through this, you can track your recording deposit online.

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