Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Great scheme brought to the post office, you will get 21 lakh rupees for depositing only 200 rupees

new Delhi. In today's time, everyone is worried about saving money and there are many schemes in the market to make money from money, but today we will tell you about a post office scheme in which you will have only a few You will become a millionaire in years and you will not need much money in this. You only have to save 200 rupees in it.

 21 lakh fund will be made in a few years

 Let me tell you that you can easily save 200 rupees from your daily expenses and only by saving small can you meet your needs in future. Post Office Public Provident Fund Account (PPF) is the best option to save in today's time. You have to save Rs 200 daily in this account. If you do this every day, on this basis you can make a fund of 21 lakh rupees till the scheme is closed.

 This account can be opened anywhere

 You can open this post office account in any branch of the country. Not only this, you can also open more than one account. Apart from this, 2 people can also operate this account together.

 This is how you will get 21 lakh rupees

 Let me tell you that if you are 25 years old today and you save only 200 rupees a day from your expenses, then after 15 years, you will get support of about 21 lakhs from this savings.

 How will the fund be made

 1. Let me tell you that if you think of investing only saving 200 rupees daily under this scheme, then it will be 6000 rupees a month. In this way your annual investment will be 72000 rupees.

 2. If you do this continuously for 15 years, then your total investment will be Rs. 10.80 lakhs.

 3. With this, let us tell you that now PPF is getting 8% annual compounding interest, which will be added to your money.

 4. At the same time, if you get interest at the same rate for 15 years, the total return will be Rs 21 lakh.

 5. That is, you will get an additional benefit in the form of interest of 10.31 lakh rupees on your total investment.

 Account can be opened by paying 100 rupees

 Let me tell you that if you want to open your account, then you have to pay only 100 rupees for it, because in the post office this account opens with 100 rupees, but it is necessary to invest at least 500 rupees in a financial year. With this, you can invest a maximum of 1.5 lakh rupees in a year in this account. In this, joint account can also be opened. At the same time, you can also open this account in your child's name. However, it does not have the facility of premature withdrawal.

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