Saturday, 12 October 2019

Now driving license will be made with this rule, know

The format of both driving license and RC has been changed from 1 October. After this change, the format of DL and RC of the vehicle will be the same across the country. Let us know in detail what other changes have been made in it.

 Driving license and RC will have new features
 After the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Act, the color, look, design and security features of driving license (DL) and registration certificate (RC) will be the same from now on. After that, new features will be added to DL and RC. That is, from now on the driving license and RC will have the features of microchip and QR code. The advantage will be that the color and printing of DL, RC will be the same in every state. Also, all DL and RC information will be in the same place. As of now, the format of DL and RC is different according to each state. But now this will not happen.

 Full information will be in QR code
 With the help of microchip and QR code, complete records about the driver or vehicle can be extracted from the central data base. Handy tracking devices are also planned to be given to the traffic police to read the QR code. With which the traffic police can get information at any time. Even the emergency number will be written on the back of every driver's DL. In any emergency, police or any other person can contact on this number. Officials of the Transport Department say that after this change, the policemen handling the responsibility of traffic will have the facility.

 Older updates will also be done
 Regarding DL and RC, currently every state has been preparing the format according to itself, but the problem is that if the information on DL is in the beginning in any state, then related information is printed backwards in some. But after the government's new decision, the information on DL and RC will be at the same place. Therefore, you have to update the old driving license and registration certificate.

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