Reality Check: 2000 rupee notes to be closed! Know what is true

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Meerut It is being discussed in the festive season that 2000 rupee notes are going to be closed. Orders have been given to remove them from the ATM. It is being launched from the largest state-run bank State Bank of India (SBI). SBI has also received orders in this regard. As soon as this news spread, there has been a panic among the people. He is again remembering the time of demonetisation.

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 Went viral on social media

 It has been viral on social media since some days that 2000 rupee notes are going to stop. People are confused about this. It is being told that the RBI (RBI) has given instructions to the banks about this. It states that cassettes containing 2000 notes are being removed from ATMs. There is a discussion that work is going on to close 2000 rupee notes. Because of this they will be gradually removed from the ATM.

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 This is true

 The magazine team talked to SBI zonal officer Arya Bansal in Meerut about this. He says that there have been orders from the RBI to remove Rs 2000 notes from the ATM, but it is only for SBI. Gradually 2000 notes will be removed from the ATM. He also said that 2000 notes are not being discontinued. This step has been taken due to some technical problem. After the problem is removed, 2,000 rupee notes will be put back in the ATM.

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