Sunday, 20 October 2019

This scheme of LIC is very special, you can get Rs 11 lakh by investing only Rs 65 in it

Many plans of the famous life insurance company LIC are much better according to people of every category and that is why all these plans are also very popular. Actually, LIC also has a new endowment plan which is a non linked policy.

 Because of this, this policy has no relation to the share market. Let us know that the minimum in this policy can be taken from Rs 1 lakh. This is a basic policy in which savings and insurance are taken together. Actually whatever amount you get on maturity will be tax free. Explain that by making a small investment of 65 rupees in this scheme, you can get 11 lakh rupees. Not only this, your insurance cover of 16 lakhs will also be given free. Let us know that the policy holder can take this LIC New Endowment Policy for a term ranging from 12 years to 35 years. Policy Term Minimum: 12 years Maximum: 35 years Minimum: 8 Year Maximum: 55 years Maturity Age Maximum 75 Years Assured Minimum: Rs. 1,00,000 Maximum: No Limit (Multiple of 5,000) Let us explain to you through an example how you get Rs 65 A day will be free to invest the insurance cover of Rs 11 lakh and 16 lakh. Yes, now suppose a person who is 18 years old. He takes a 21-year policy term plan. In this, he will have to pay an sum assured of Rs 5 lakh. This means that for this plan started at the age of 18, the policy holder will have to pay Rs 2,025 per month i.e. Rs 65 per day. Explain that after filling this amount for 21 years, at the age of 39, that is, upon completion of maturity, the sum assured of 5 lakh and FAB plus bonus of Rs 5,54,000 will be given. That is, the policy holder will get a total of Rs 10,54,000. On the other hand, if the policy holder gets something while paying the installment of this plan, then death benefit is also given. In fact, according to the number of years that the policy holder has filled the premium, the bonus for the same year is given to your family. Also tell you that if the death is due to a road accident, then the sum assured doubles. Not only this, 16 lakh insurance cover is given free in this policy.

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