Sunday, 16 February 2020

Brilliant scheme brought to the post office, will become owner of 21 lakhs by saving 200 rupees daily

In today's time, every single person is worried about saving money.  Due to this, usually everyone thinks of some way of saving for themselves and on this basis invests in different schemes.  If you believe in small savings in addition to big budget, then this news is definitely for you.

  Public Provident Fund account is a very good option in today's time.  For this, you only need to save 200 rupees.  For this, as long as your scheme is closed, till then you can make a fund of 21 lakh rupees.  For this, you can open this post office account in any branch.  If you want, two people can operate it together.  At the same time, if you are 25 years of age, then in 15 years you will get support of about 21 lakhs.   How to get 21 lakh fund-   Under the scheme, if you think of investing only saving Rs 200 daily, then it will be Rs 6000 a month.  If you see the annual investment in this way, then it will be 72000 rupees.   If you do this continuously for 15 years, your total investment will be Rs. 10.80 lakhs.   So far, interest is getting 8% per annum compounding in PPF.  If you get interest at the same rate for 15 years, the total return will be Rs 21 lakh.   This means you will get additional benefits in the form of interest of 10.31 lakh rupees on your total investment.   Account can be opened in just 100   You can open this account for just 100 rupees.  It is mandatory to deposit 500 rupees in a financial year in this account.  With this, if you want, you can invest a maximum of 1.5 lakh rupees in this account.   Benefits of PPF Scheme-   Under the PPF scheme, security is guaranteed on your investment.  Along with this, there is also a benefit of tax exemption under IT Act 80C on this account.  Income tax is not levied on the interest received under the scheme.  At the same time, if you want, you can take a loan on this account after 3 financial years.

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